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The nonporous synthetic material prevents absorption of most food stains and odors. Any food dropped on the mat is not absorbed or transferred onto the table cloth below. The placemats can simply be wiped clean using common disinfectant/cleaning liquids.


Our Table Mat designs blend unobtrusively with any decor adding elegance to the table. The grained surface finish hides any ugly scratches left by the cutlery. The table mat retains the flat shape, soft feel and bright looks through its life.


Quality raw material and care in production ensure that these Mats last for well over 100 days without losing shape or colour. With little care, most of our clients have satisfactorily used them for more than a year.

Easy to maintain

Our Placemats DO NOT requires any special care or maintenance. They can be just scrubbed, washed or wiped like any other cutlery, using normal cleaning agents. Laser Printing and Matt Finish ensure vibrant look even after repeated usage.


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